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A report on the methanol poisoning cases in supply
Name 관리자 Date 2017-06-05 Hits 841


[PUBLISHED] A report on the methanol poisoning cases in supply chains for Samsung and LG Contact person: Hyeyoung Park (SWH), Eunji Kang(KHIS), Donghyun Kim (KLPH) Telephone number: +82-2-364-1210 Email address: dhkim@hopeandlaw.org Website : http://hopeandlaw.org/a-report-on-the-methanol-poisoning-cases-in-supply-chains-for-samsung-and-lg-in-korea/

SEOUL, South Korea, June 5, 2017 – Solidarity for Worker’s Health (SWH), Korean House for International Solidarity (KHIS) and Korean Lawyers for Public interest and Human rights (KLPH) announced that they jointly published a report on the methanol poisoning cases in supply chains for Samsung and LG Electronics in Korea. This report, named The Blind_An untold story behind Samsung and LG cell phones, is an edited and translated version of the research report titled “Follow-up study on the acute methanol poisoning victims in cell phone manufacturing subcontractors with recommendations for improvement”, which was conducted by SWH and commissioned by Korean Industrial Hygiene Association. It covers the circumstances of cases, key issues and conclusions, the authors of which arguing that the lead companies such as Samsung and LG should recognize their responsibility and come to social dialogue with the victims and civil society organizations.
It will be distributed during the 35th session of UN Human Rights Council and 106th Session
of the International Labour Conference, and also by online (download link is as follows).

This project is financially supported by GoodElectronics and European Union.

A Victim of the methanol poisoningwill participate UN HRC, speaking for the victims on his own in an oral statement.
Furthermore, a victim of the methanol poisoning, named Youngsin Kim, will participate in the 35th session of UN Human Rights Council, making an oral statement on June 8. On behalf of the whole victims, he will speak about the negligence of the employers, non-functioning measures taken by the government, and the responsibility of the lead companies. Prepared oral statement is as follows.
“No response. No apology. No compensation. There was no justice from the Government nor the company.”
“We were used and abandoned just like a disposable paper cup. No one told me that it is illegal to dispatch workers in
manufacturing business in South Korea. No one told me methanol is dangerous.”
“We urge Samsung and LG to be accountable. South Korean government should also take responsibility for this, because human's life, our lives are more important than business profit.”

Download press_release_PUBLISHED_A_report_1.pdf

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