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The 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Uprising
Name 관리자 Date 2021-06-30 Hits 319
The 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Uprising,
Forbidden Remembrance, Prohibited Criticism, Repressed Labor Movement.
We condemn the Chinese government for its routine crackdowns.
Today, June 4, is the day the Chinese government ruthlessly suppressed students and workers who gathered at Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, China, 1989. This resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and the imprisonment of many others. To this day, the aftermath of June 4 is still ongoing, as Chinese people are still unable to say “June 4” without fear of consequence.
Since 1989, the citizens of Hong Kong have held candlelight vigils on June 4 to commemorate the victims and demand democracy in China. This year, however, Hong Kong authorities banned candlelight vigils held annually in Victoria Park. Although the Hong Kong authorities have used COVID prevention as an excuse for this ban, they revealed their true intentions when they also shut down the only June 4 Memorial Hall in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong authorities sent a clear message that they intend to ban and suppress any actions that criticize the Chinese government.
These actions by the Hong Kong authorities are unsurprising. Following the Chinese government's enactment of the National Security Law in response to the 2019 protests by Hong Kong citizens, the Hong Kong authorities have routinely arrested activists and sentenced them to prison. For example, on April 19, the Secretary General of HKCTU Li Chuk-yan and Binhua Ilbo owner Jimmy Lai were arrested and sentenced to prison. In the wake of the 2019 demonstrations, the Hong Kong government has made it clear that it will not tolerate any voices criticizing the Chinese government. Now in Hong Kong, the political situation has become so grim that even free elections, previously a symbol of the two nations, can no longer be expected.
This kind of suppression by the Chinese government does not occur only in Hong Kong. In mainland China, the Chinese government continues to suppress the labor movement. Since Xi Jinping took office, numerous labor and human rights activists have been arrested - notably in 2018, more than 100 labor activists and student activists were arrested or placed under home arrest in the wake of the so-called "Jasic Incident." It is still difficult to know the status and whereabouts of these activists. Even last March, the activist Cheong Wo Jang from the Delivery Workers’ Alliance, an organization dedicated to the labor rights of delivery workers, was arrested.
This situation is not limited to just Hong Kong and China. The Chinese government supports the dictatorship of Cambodia's Hun Sen regime and has close ties with Myanmar's military. The Chinese government's foreign policy of advocating and supporting forces that suppress and slaughter citizens is a major obstacle to the peace and growth of human rights in Asia.
On the 32nd anniversary of Tiananmen Uprising, the Korean Civil Society demands the following from the Chinese government:
One, the Chinese government should repeal the National Security Act and immediately release the pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.
One, Hong Kong's special administration authorities should immediately stop suppressing Hong Kong citizens' candlelight vigils on June 4 and ensure free and peaceful memorials
One, the Chinese government should stop suppressing labor movements in its country and release activists immediately.
One, the Chinese government should cease cooperating with Myanmar's military, and respect the aspirations of Asian citizens for democracy and human rights.
June 4, 2021
Signed by:
1. Activists group for Human Rights ‘BARAM’
2. Advocates for Public Interest Law
3. Borderless Humanrights
5. Dasan Human Rights Center
6. Hongkong-Korea Civic Alliance for Democracy
7. Human Rights Movement Space 'Hwal'
8. Incheon Human Rights Film Festival
9. Incorporated Organization Silcheon Bulgyo
10. Korean House for International Solidarity
11. Korean Solidarity for Overseas Community Organization
12. Migrant World TV
13. MINBYUN - Lawyers for a Democratic Society International Solidarity Committee
14. Myanmar Network in Korea
15. NCCK Human Of Rights Center
16. Platform c
17. Progressive 3.0
18. Progressive Korea
19. Refugee Rights Center, NANCEN
20. Solidarity for Another World
21. Sonjabgo
22. Supporters group for migrant workers movement
23. The Center for Freedom of Information
24. The People's Action Against Dictator Chun Doo-hwan

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